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of piece of evidence -- video animation depicting the shooting of trayvon mutton -- trayvon martin. moved out the had estimated end date of their case to as early as today. these new arguments could change that. >> i worked on 59 criminal trials. >> at issue, the motion to show 3-d animation of the fatal shooting of trayvon martin based on their version of events. testifying before the judge, the animator explained how he created the video. seat that i have was used "x-men."r" and >> the judge has recently ruled the defense can present testimony about a small amount of thc, the active ingredient in marijuana, found in the autopsy after trayvon martin's death. testimony has centered around screams heard in the background of a 911 call. said hemartin's father was not sure who they belonged to. after listening 20 times, he is certain it is his son. >> basically, i was listening to my sons last call for help, his life being taken and i was trying to come to grips with that. >> there is no doubt in my mind that is george zimmerman. >> the defense presented five witnesses that all test my -- te
today. >>> a forensic expert backed george zimmerman account of the shooting of trayvon martin. he says evidence supports zimmerman's claim that trayvon martin was on top of him when he shot him. but, during cross-examination they found out the gunshot could be consistent with trayvon martin pulling away. >>> we are hearing from the woman who were held captive for more than a decade. they did not mention the man, only that ;gy#they were trying get on with their lives. the video taped statement was made from the office of an attorney in cleveland. they all appeared to be trying to enjoy more happier times. >> i will not let the situation define who i am. i will define the situation. i do not want to be consumed by hatred. >> i want everyone to know how happy i him. >> the women were eventually turned free during a 911 call two months ago. >>> tomorrow this student who was killed in a crash last year. isn't that and countless other pedestrian accidents led to a safety campaign for the summer. rossa walks are brighter, and there are tv ads warning markers to be safe. >>> we -- meet our lat
is promoting it. >>> coming up the trial of george zimmerman today focuses on a key 911 call. was it trayvon martin's voice. martin's father takes the stand. >> a funnel cloud forms. mike masco explains where it happened. >> when this comes to teen and facebook, normally we worry about cyber bullying, right? one student turned it into a way to compliment classmates. >> will this continue through mid-week and beyond? we'll take a look at maryland's most accurate forecast. it's straight ahead. to find, but worth it. but with copd making it hard to breathe, i thought those days might be over. so my doctor prescribed symbicort. it helps significantly improve my lung function starting within five minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. with symbicort, today i'm breathing better. and that on! symbicort is for copd including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. it should not be taken more than twice a day. symbicort may increase your risk of lung infections, osteoporosis, and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood p
week of testimony. about ten minutes ago trayvon martin's father took the stand. >> the defense is presenting its case to the jury now and the screams heard on that 911 call are once again in the spotlight. nbc's jay gray is at the courthouse in sanford, florida, where the jury heard from a parade of friends testifying on behalf of zimmerman. >> reporter: you're right. it's been a very busy day inside the courtroom here in sanford, florida. what i can tell you, we saw trayvon martin's dad take the stand within the last ten or 15 minutes. he's refuting testimony earlier from investigators. the focus in court again was today this dramatic 911 call from the night trayvon martin died. investigators were called back to the witness stand to share with jurors the response trayvon martin's father had the first time he was asked who it was screaming for help in the background of that call? >> okay. and mr. martin's response? >> that it was not his son. >> i think you earlier said he put his head down or something? >> yes. he was crying. he was sad. he had his head down and wiping his fac
the byal injuries sustained trayvon martin. >> and something found in martin's system. why it was not admitted in court and what legal experts say, straight ahead. keeping charter schools at bay? i'm tim tooten live in the newsroom. [ female announcer ] at your local subway, summer flavors are served up fresh. like the crisp, delicious orchard chicken salad. you loved it so much, we brought it back as a five dollar footlong and now as a five dollar chopped salad! hurry in today. subway. eat fresh. 11, this is tv breaking news. >> we are following breaking news from harford county. an accident with entrapment. let's send it up to captain roy taylor. >> this is medical school road. a crash here in howard county. three people are injured. one person's injuries are severe enough they have requested a transport to shock trauma. they are still trying to extricate the individual in the pickup truck and howard county police has blocked off penndel school road, northbound and southbound from this location. .'m captain roy taylor >> all right, roy, thank you. in the george zimmerman
also tried to get the judge to agree to murder in the third degree based on the fact that trayvon martin was only 17 years old, which would be child abuse they argued. the defense attorney could not believe that. listen. >> oh my god. just when i thought this case couldn't get any more bizarre, the state is seeking third-degree murder based on child abuse? is the court going to give this any serious contention or consideration? if so, we have a lot of talking to do. when trayvon martin is shot straddling george zimmerman, pummeling him, that somehow george zimmerman was engaged in child abuse? this was a trick. doesn't the court realize this was a trick -- >>steve: the good news is the judge said i'm not going along with the prosecution on that. i've got to side with the defense. so he will not be considered for third-degree murder. >>gretchen: he is still going to be able to be considered for manslaughter. with florida law, manslaughter could give him still 25 years in prison. the jury will be instructed on that later on as far as what each charge brings with regard to prison tim
for help. prosecutors say trayvon martin was racially profiled and shot to death. the defense claims zimbabwe shot martin in self-defense. a big day ahead for the d.c. council. >> it's considering a number of votes today. one which would require big box store $12.50 which is well above the city's $8.25 an hour minimum wage. walmart said it would force the retail giant to pull the plug on three planned stores in the district taking with it about 900 jobs. >> why would a retailer want to come in, force with these mandates and we border maryland and virginia where this isn't taking place. >> the council met -- and also councilman marion berry is bushing a bill that don't live in d.c. forcing a residency right newly hired d.c. workers to live in the district or move to the city within 180 days. it would have a positive economic impact because it would allow the city to tax those workers. >> it's 5:05 and 74 degrees. >> still ahead here on "good morning, washington," an incredible look at those wildfires out of nevada now burning out of control. the nest has been getting a little too quie
. these [ bleep ] punks they always get away. >> reporter: but made the same argument about trayvon martin's killing to the all-women jury. >> the man that is guilty of second-degree murder. >> reporter: that george zimmerman should go to prison for profiling, following, confronting and shooting the unarmed teenager last year. >> why does this defendant get out of the car and he thinks that trayvon martin is a threat to him? why? why? because he's got a gun. he's got the equalizer. >> reporter: with zimmerman's and martin's parents all in court for the first time since day one. >> [ bleep ] they always get away. >> reporter: the prosecutor said zimmerman sized up martin as a criminal during a call to police. >> i would submit to you he uttered it under his breath and that itself indicates ill will and hatred. >> for a second straight day. >> he's saying that armpits -- how does he get the gone out? >> reporter: the state's life-sized foam dummy was thrown into the mix. >> [ inaudible ]. >> do you see where he's pointing to, where he's grabbing, where he has his firearm? >> reporter: with t
has been turned upside down. >> trayvon martin's father takes the stand explaining what he said and what he was thinking after first hearing the 911 call the night his son died. >> later breaking down the controversy over g.m.o.'s or genetically modified foods and whether foods should be labeled as such. you won't want to miss my report. stay with us. fox 5 news at 10:00 will be right back. >>  a show of such fort -- support for kenneth ellerbe. some of ellerbe's supporters believe race and politics are playing a role in his criticism. >> i too feel that things have gone on before he became our fire chief nothing was done about it but all of a sudden we have people in the city council that's calling for his resignation. i think that they just need to let him do his job and go on with the business of the city. >> but when one man noted had asked for dennis ruben's resignation reporters asked about race. >> well they didn't call for his resignation. >> they didn't do anything about ruben. he sold our fire trucks. nobody called for a real investigation.
out on trayvon martin case today. toda >>> spitzer is running forunninr office again, we will tell you u the bizarre connection he has hs with one of his opponents. po >>> and redskins quart back, ba robert griffin the third a a married man. but more people are talking about the video he made after ma the ceremony than the wedding itself. >>> hey, laura i'm in richmond, virginia, standing outside of the redskins training facility. we will take you and show you yu what the fields look likes and video, that included guest appearances of governor robert mcdonnell. that as the news continues.  inside and hernandez is chargede with child endangerment, shent,e left her eight-month-old son in- a car for six hours friday whilh she went to work. she didn't notice that the babea hbabywas in the car until she wo pick up 1 of her other children she rushed the baby to the babyt hospital but the baby did not survive. >>> several witnesses testified aboutse the 911 calls recorded e night trayvon martin was killed we have more from the courthous in sanford, florida.ida. >>> i met jorgie at mo
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. >> the focus in court again today was this dramatic call on 911 from the knights trayvon martin died. witnesses were called back to look at the response the father of trayvon martin said when asked who was screaming for help in the background of that call. response?. martin's >> that it was not his son. >> you said he put his head down? >> yes, and he was crying. he had his face in tissues. >> he also appeared to wipe away tears during today's testimony. george zimmerman has told police it is his voice the night he shot and killed martin. he is pleading not guilty of second-degree murder, saying he acted in self-defense. the recording was at the center of the first full day of the presentation from the defense, including testimony from a string of co-workers and friends, each asking the same question about the audio recording and giving the same answer. >> yes, i thought it was george. >> yes, george. >> i thought it was him a common george zimmerman. >> there was strong support of george zimmerman. some donated to his defense fund, and some wrote a book, saying they will donate the profits to
today whether trayvon martin's text messages about fighting can be entered as evidence. when the trial started she ruled that martin's interests of guns and fightings couldn't be used in opening statements. susan mcginnis takes a look at tuesday's testimony. the pathologist told the court gun powder burns showed trayvon martin was over zimmerman when he shot and killed the teenager. >> the clothing was 2 to 4 inches away. it's consistent with somebody leaning over the person doing the shooting. >> reporter: that is how zimmerman describes events to the police after the shooting. >> i shot him. i didn't think i sit him. he sat up and said, oop, you got me. >> reporter: he said he could have lived three minutes after he was shot and could move his arms under his body after zimmerman had spread them out. the prosecution says the doctor's testimony doesn't prove who started the fight that led to martin's death. the state also argued the victim could have been backing up when he was shot. >> with zimmerman on the ground and he would have this same angle. he's pulling away and zimmerman's sh
zimmerman's lawyers are expected to present evidence showing trayvon martin had marijuana in his system the night that george zimmerman shot him. the judge ruled late today that the jury can hear that toxicology report. testimony today again centered on a 911 call and who was heard screaming for help. five of zimmerman's friends testified that it's his voice. trayvon martin's father also took the stand and was challenged about whether he told police it was not his son's voice the first time he heard the call. >> i kind of pushed away from the -- away from the table and just kind of shook my head and said "i can't tell." >> tracy martin said after hearing the tape several times he thinks the voice is trayvon's. zimmerman has pleaded not guilty and says he shot martin in self-defense. >>> cars under water. the subway system shut down tonight in toronto. strong storms moved through that city tonight. they knocked out power to 35,000 people. some commuter trains also got stuck in high water. passengers stranded for hours. >>> veronica johnson keeping an eye on storm chances for us later thi
to decide if zimmerman acted in self-defense when he shot and killed 17-year-old trayvon martin last year. lives in sanford, florida. already some developments in court this morning. reporter: this morning multiple explosive outbursts from george zimmerman defense attorney don west in the courtroom. they all met here at 9:00 a.m. to go over the jury instructions. and we got to the lesser offenses the state wanted included on the jury instructions for the six women when they go into the deliberation room tomorrow to consider. so here's what we have so far. george zimmerman charged with second-degree murder, that is a conviction option for the jury. also, manslaughter, a lesser event that will also be a consideration for conviction by the jury. the state still wants a judge to allow in the lesser charge of third-degree felony murder, and they are still arguing over that, and here is why the defense attorney got so upset because the state must qualify for third-degree felony murder, a specific committee of another crime according to the state child abuse because trayvon martin was under 18 a
to prove their murder case. >> why does this defendant get out of the car if he thinks trayvon martin is a threat to him. why? why? because he's got a gun. he gets the equalizer. he's going to take care of him. hi's a wannabe cop. >> reporter: 15 months to the day when george zimmerman was charged with second-degree murder for killing trayvon martin, he urged the jury to convict the neighborhood watchman. >> he profiled him as a criminal. he assumed certain things, that trayvon martin was up to no good. >> reporter: the day began with a major setback for zimmerman. the judge will allow the jury to consider not only convicted him of second degree murder which could still send zimmerman to prison for years. in february of last year, martin pout skittles and a fruit drink at a 7-eleven and then walked to his dad's and girlfriend's house. within an hour he was dead. he was beaten on the walk way. >> zimmerman's attorney exploded the morning as they tried to get the jury to consider the lesser charge of felony third-degree murder arguing martin's age kwal fighted for child abuse. >> just w
. >>> the father of trayvon martin takes the stand. we'll find out what he had to say after detectives testified that he initially told them he didn't think it was his son screaming on that 911 tape. >>> president obama revealing how he plans to make the government more efficient. >>> a swirl . >>> the wife of secretary of state john kerry is now in fair condition at a hospital in boston tonight. nbc news has just learned the family called an ambulance when theresa heinz-kerry had symptoms of a seizure but there has been no definitive diagnosis. heinz-kerry is 74 years old and is a breast cancer survivor. secretary john kerry remains by her side. >>> president obama tonight is pushing for less government red tape. he's directed his cabinet to come up with some strategies to make federal agencies more efficient. the president says a new online system is already getting payments out more quickly to small businesses but wants agencies to offer for online services to cut costs and to help small businesses compete for government contracts. >> the basic principle is simple, taxpayers deserve the bigge
. >> the key issue in the george zimmerman murder trial. why he shot and killed trayvon martin. today the defense explained how he did it. fill keating is in sanford florida. >> for just the third time in the trial jurors watched attorneys pull out the infamous hoody. this time used by george zimmermans defense along with the fruit drink to bolster zimmerman's version of what he said happened -- martin was on top straddling zimmerman and he's supported forensically. >> the wound itself by the gap in the face of contact of the clothing indicates that this is consis zimmerman's account that he, that mr. martin was over him leaning forward at the time he was shot. >> the defense expert analyzing these photos supporting zimmerman's claim that trayvon martin was pummeling his first and smashing his head into the walk kay -- walkway but on prosecution they exploited the fact that this expert has been paid $2,000 to testify and cannot say who instigated the altercation. >> you can't say whether it was trayvon martin defending himself or george zimmerman defending himself in terms of when thi
supports zimmerman's claim of how he shot trayvon martin. nbc's jay gray joins us now live from the courthouse in sanford, florida, where the judge is expected to decide soon if an animation of the deadly confrontation should be played in court. jay? >> reporter: yeah, jim that debate began this morning. it will continue after the testimony here today. look, the defense strategy did shift a bit to a review of the details from the shooting of george zimmerman's injuries that as you talked about, jim, their witness testified do support his claims of self-defense. the rapid pace and emotion that had defined the defense case for the first two days gave way to a technical analysis inside the courtroom today. >> much more specifically talk about the gunshot itself, and the mechanics involved in that. >> reporter: a forensic and gunshot expert for the defense walked methodically through his review of the evidence. he said the gun was two to four inches against trayvon martin's skin and pressed against his clothes the night he was killed and martin lived one to three minutes and was con
with second-degree murder. he's pleading not guilty saying he shot trayvon martin in self-defense. today an expert on gunshot wounds tried to bolster that claim. jay gray is outside of the courthouse in sanford, florida with the latest. >> reporter: good evening from outside of the seminole county courthouse where testimony has ended. the jury heard from a forensic and gunshot expert called by the dembgs strong testimony that seemed to support george zimmerman's account that he acted in self-defense the night trayvon martin was killed. the prosecution had a deliberate push back against this witness. at one point getting him to say that, in fact, the fatal injury could have been sustained as trayvon martin was pulling away from george zimmerman, trying to get away. so that was a point that the state was able to make. but overall most analysts agree it was a strong witness for the defense here today. a second witness was called, a neighbor from the complex that was there the night of the shooting and she, again, identified the voice screaming in the background of the 911 call that night as
will convince jurors that zimmerman shot trayvon martin in self- defense. the expert testified that begun powder guns -- gunpowder burns showed trayvon martin was on top of zimmerman when he was killed. he admitted martin could have been trying to pull away. the defense is likely to wrap up its case tomorrow. >>> the 19 firefighters who lost their lives battling an arizona wildfire were remembered today at a memorial service in their hometown. >> eric shane marsh. [ bell ringing ] >> an officer chimed the bell for each member of the granite mountain hotshots. vice-president joe biden was there. private funerals for the firefighters are scheduled in the coming days. >>> a dog owner who's arrested for leaving her two pets in a sweltering car last month has died. as derek valcourt explains, her family says it's all because police took her to central booking instead of an emergency room where she needed to be. >> reporter: 62-year-old sharon loved her two poodles, missy and bear, which is why news that she left her beloved pets in a car on a scorching hot day was so shocking to her family, including
testified the screams were george zimmerman. the defense claims the neighborhood watchman shot trayvon martin in self-defense after the teenager attacks him, but the prosecution and martin's family believes the screams came from the teenager. the case could turn on who the jury believes the aggressor was during the deadly confrontation. during cross-examinations prosecutors pointed out that andra osterman and her husband mark wrote a book about the case with the proceeds going to zimmerman. they spent thousands buying zimmerman clothing for the trial and supporting his defense fund. >> since you've contributed on his behalf you want to believe it's george zimmerman, correct? >> it is george zimmerman. >> reporter: zimmerman's best friend said he helped zimmerman pick the gun he used in the shooting because it would fire easily if he needed to defend himself. >> joining us now to talk about the defense's first day of testimony in the george zimmerman trial is d.c. trial attorney former maryland prosecutor debbie heinz. thanks for coming in. it was all about the 911 tape today. if you a
the confrontation between trayvon martin and george zimmerman began. the prosecution argue it's not based on evidence. they also want jurors to hear about martin's text messages which reportedly show he was had been in fights and was trying to buy a gun. he's expected to take up the issue of a defense witness violating sequestration. >>> 20 people are hurt after a deck collapsed in north carolina. this happened last night at a home near beach and brunswick county. the second story deck fell on the first story condo. a group of people were renting that home and an owner has been notified. injuries appear to be nonlife- threatening. >>> the boston marathon bombing suspect is due in court for his arraignment dzhokhar tsarnaev is facing multiple charges including using a weapon of mass destruction against persons and property. he could face the death penalty. three people were killed and hundreds others injured when the bombs went off near the finish line. victims and their families are expected to pack a massachusetts courtroom as the 19-year-old suspect hears the charges read to him. author
trayvon martin's text messages which reportedly showed he had been in fights and was trying to allow guns. george zimmerman maintains he shot the teen in self-defense. >>> we need to stand together as one, no cuffs no guns. let's give violence a rest. >> i know your patients will be tested. >> that is the message from florida authorities as the verdict at the george zimmerman trial looms overhead. millions of americans have made up their minds about what they believe should happen and no matter how the verdict falls authorities worry
? >> the former lead investigator testified. trayvon martin's father acknowledged that was not his son screaming. >> i know that was my son's voice. >> 300,000 people are without power from a flash flood in the canadian city. >> after being severely burned, a car slams into one of those pumps. >> all that -- >> jets head coach rex ryan made a trip to pamplona spain and ran with the bulls. rex was unhurt. >> and they win! >> and all that matters -- >> one of the nation's most famous landmarks, the washington monument will be lit each night while the monument is being repaired. >> on "cbs this morning" -- >> you're telling me -- >> i don't have the right one. >> do you still have that picture? >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" is presented with choice hotels. captioning funded by cbs >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." charlie rose is off. so anthony mason is with us. good morning. >> good morning. nice to be here. >> glad to have you here. we're going to begin this morning with the first public words from three kidnap victims who survived a decade of torture
testified on forensics. they want to prove that trayvon martin attacked george zimmerman and that zimmerman shot the 17-year-old in self-defense. gunshot wound expert vincent dimao said the clothing was two to four inches away from martin's body. >> that this is consistent with mr. zimmerman's, that martin was over him, but his findings called into question were zimmerman intptionally targeted martin, pointed to other possibilities. >> is it sphept with mr. mar ten pulling away. he's pulling away and zimmerman shooting him at that time. >> yes. >> dimao explained despite the injury to zimmerman's head, the evidence doesn't reveal who initiated the confrontation that ultimately led to martin's death a judge ruled the jury will be aloud to hear testimony about the toxicology report showing there was marijuana in marren it's system when he died. reporting from sanford, florida. >> the retrial date for amanda knox is set for september 30th. knox's acquittal was overturned in march, so there were deficiencies and contradesks in the rulg. they are determining if knox and her former boyfriend kill
powder marks show that trayvon martin was over zimmerman when he shot and killed the teenager. >> the clothing is consistent with somebody leaning over the person doing the shooting. >> reporter: that is how zimmerman described events to police, after the shooting. >> i shot him. i didn't think i hit him. he sat up and said, you got me. >> reporter: demayo also said the teenager could have lived up to three minutes after being shot and could even have moved his arms under his body, after zimmerman had spread them out. >> reporter: the defense is trying to convince jurors zimmerman acted in self- defense. but the prosecution says the doctor's testimony doesn't prove who started the fight that led to martin's death. >> you're not saying as to who attacked on who. whether it was george zimmerman who attacked trayvon martin or vice versa. >> that's correct, sir. >> reporter: the prosecution got demayo to admit he's being paid $400 an hour for his work. but michael knox said the testimony was still effective. >> what they did was brought in a forensic expert who put all of that tog
. >> reporter: defense attorneys for george zimmerman are attacking prosecution assertions that trayvon martin is the one yelling for help on that 911 call, the night he was shot and killed. susan mcginnis reports from the courthouse in sanford, florida. >> reporter: the defense called several friends of george zimmerman. each one took the stand. and each said they believed it's his voice on this 911 call, screaming for help. [ screaming ] >> so you think he's yelling help? >> yes. >> chose voice is this? >> george zimmerman's voice. >> definitely georgey's. >> no doubt in my mind that is george zimmerman. >> reporter: on friday, zimmerman's mother and uncle testified the screams were zimmerman's. the defense claims the neighborhood watchman shot trayvon martin in self-defense after the teen attacked him. but the family of martin believes it was his. the case >> reporter: the case could turn on the deadsly screams. >> reporter: during cross- examination, prosecutors pointed out that sondra osterman wrote a book about the case, with the proceeds going to george zimmerman. they spent thousands,
. this comes after hearing the testimonies from two of the closest to the deceased 17- year-old trayvon martin. sara ganim reports. an emotional close to the week in the george zimmerman murder trial. trayvon martin's mother took the stand. listening to the audiotape of a 911 call the night her son died. in the background you could hear screams. yelling help. yes." then. a gunshot. >>"alright what is you. gunshot. there's gunshots. you just heard gunshots, yes" the shouting stops. >>"ma'm that screaming, or yelling, do you recognize that. yes. and who do you recognize that to be? trayvon benjamin martin." martin's brother also testified. he admitted he wasn't always so sure that was trayvon martin on the tape. >>"you had talked to a reporter about whose voice it may have been correct, yes. >>"you said honestly,really having listened to it. i've heard it, i think it was my brother but i'm not completely positive. yes." that's important, because zimmerman's attorneys will argue. it was zimmerman shouting for help, as he tried to protect himself. a medical examiner also testified. saying trayvon
unarmed teenager trayvon martin. today a major blow to the defense. >>> but first, right now brand new stories and breaking news. jon: one of the nation's most-wanted fugitives on trial in boston, whitey bulger accused in 19 killings. we have the latest on what's going on in that case including why the accused mobster exploded in the courtroom. >>> and in that same courthouse the victims of the boston marathon bombings coming face to face today with the accused attacker. one woman whose two sons lost limbs in the bombing plans to be there. we will talk to her this hour. >>> and crews out west battling a wildfire that's burning dangerously close to a lot of homes. it's all "happening now." ♪ ♪ jon: and some new questions looming large this morning about what a high profile delay in obamacare's implementation could mean for millions of americans. this as dueling agendas over the law are sparking more political fireworks in this our nation's capital. i'm jon scott. jenna: i thought summer was supposed to be the slow news season. jon: in washington it's supposed to be. jenna: well, not
in the george zimmerman trial could center around the toxicology report on trayvon martin. yesterday the judge allowed that report to be entered as evidence. it says a small amount of marijuana was in martin's system at the time of his death. prosecutors said the information is prejudicial, but zimmerman's attorneys say it is relevant. zimmerman has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder, claiming self-defense. and george zimmerman has sued nbc universal, the parent company of this station, for defamati defamation. the company has strongly denied the allegations. >>> by the end of the day, police could reveal more evidence against former new england patriots player aaron hernandez. a judge ruled yesterday that the public should know exactly what investigators seized from hernandez's home. he and two others have been charged in the death of semipro football player oden lloyd. meantime, patriots' owner robert kraft says that if the charges against hernandez are true, his organization has been, quote, duped. the team dropped hernandez the same day he was arrested. >>> this morning the wife of
zimmerman trial. >> monday afternoon, the defense called trayvon martin's father to the stand to testify.he denied telling investigators that the voice screaming for help was not his son. >> i kind of pushed away from the table and just kind of shook my head and said, i cannot tell. >> he said he listened to the tape multiple times. >> i was listening to my son's last cry for help. >> the defense brought back two investigators to talk about >>rtin's response to the tape. he was saying it did not sound like his son and then. >>those cries were front and center for a large portion of monday's testimony.the defense called multiple friends and acquaintances of zimmerman. >> that is definitely georgie. >> prosecutors raised questions is about possible bias. some have donated money to a onemerman defense fund. bought him clothing for the .rial one couple co-authored a book about the shooting. >> you would believe you have a stake in this. >> a stake? >> yes, in terms of the book. how many copies have been sold? the defense will likely call their expert to testify about thc some time today. rep
asked the judge to allow text and facebook posts from trayvon martin be admitted as evidence. >>> and investigators say the pilots of asiana flight 214 did realize they were flying too low and too slow, but only when it was too late to recover. >>> accused boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsaranev is appearing in court today for the first time since the attack. survivors of the blast plan to be in the courtroom. >>> looking at today's weather. wet, hot, humid in the east. and parts of the southwest. and from montana, to arizona. it will be cooler in the western half. . >>> a follow up now. we showed you video of an elaborate proposal yesterday and now we're hearing from the clever man and the bride to be. >> >> jennifer clark thought she was taking a sight seeing flight over los angeles with her boyfriend, but when their helicopter flew over the rose bowl she was stunned to see her name in big letters along with a proposal. >> i think i saw my name, and i just -- i think i blacked out. i looked at him, and i was like what are you doing. what are you doing, and he got down on o
their case today. also today, the judge in the trial is expected to rule on whether jurors can see trayvon martin's text messages. zimmerman's attorneys allege the texts show the teenager had an interest in fighting. zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder for shooting martin but he claims he fired in self-defense. >>> he posted a video of himself loading a gun in freedom plaza. that man is now waking up in a fairfax county detention center this morning. >> he was arrested last night after police searched his home in herndon, virginia. delia goncalves is at freedom plaza live this morning with more. good morning, delia. >> good morning, andre ya. in the last half-hour we were -- >> reporter: good morning, andrea. in the last half-hour we were able to confirm that adam kokesh is behind bars. our sister radio station wnew reporting this morning that kokesh is charged with drug and firearms possession. i am waiting on a call back from lieutenant smith with the park police. she will confirm those charges for me. let's take a look at some video. it is a crime in the district of columbia
that the trayvon martin was on top of th neighborhood watch volunteereer straddling him during the fatala confrontation. >> if you lean over somebody, you would notice that the clothing tends to fall away from the chest, so that is a fact that if you know the clothing i two to four inches away, it's existent with someone leaning over the person doing the shooting. >> dr. vincent de mayo testifying about zimmerman's injuries. >> i think you have six identifiable injuries, the two lacerations on the back of thehc head, the impact on both templep lesions, that is full on. the nose, and the forehead is 6. >>> meanwhile in an evidencen hearing earlier today, the defense saying it wants to use an animated depiction of the deadly fight, at least the lasth couple of minutes, but the judge clearly annoyed postponing the t rest of the hearing and her decision until later tonight. >> 45 minutes, no. >> we will afterwards, i'm not having the jury sit back here for another 45 minutes doing nothing. >> prosecutors don't want this jury to see this animation, saying it's inaccurate, itcurate doesn't show
in thenf george zimmerman trial. trayvon martin's father took tht stand yesterday.erda he testified specifically about what you said he heard after making a 911 call made by aby neighbor the night his son was killed.ed. earlier, a detective testifiede that tracy martin told him that he did not think that the voice screaming for help was his son. >> a massachusetts judge ruledde that the evidence in the case be maibd available to thbemade ava. the former patriots tight end id charged with a premeditated murder in of lloyd. >>> you will not believe how much it is shrinking next. >>> thousands of social securit numbers exposed. po find out what happened when we come back. >>> time right now 4:07. -- 5:07. ♪ [ perdue ] they say you are what you eat. well, at perdue, we say you are what you eat...eats. which is why we feed our chickens a 100-percent vegetarian diet including corn, soybeans, and marigolds without any added hormones...or steroids. and unlike a lot of other companies we never use animal by-products like blood and bone meal. because we believe that's what it takes to bring
. >>> the screams on the 911 call in the trayvon martin death takes center stage again in a florida courtroom. today, george zimmerman's friends take the stands, followed by martin's own father. susan mcginnis reports for wjz, from the courthouse in sanford. >>> the defense called several friends of george zimmerman. each one took the stand. and each said they believe it's his voice on this 911 call, screaming for help. >> help! >> so you think he's yelling help? >> yes. >> and whose voice is this? >> george zimmerman's voice. >> yes, definitely georgey. >> i thought it was george. >> reporter: john donnelly wiped away tears after hearing the tape. >> there's no doubt in my mind that is george zimmerman. >> reporter: on friday, zimmerman's mother and uncle testified the screams were george zimmerman's. the neighborhood watchman claims he shot the teenager in self-defense after the teenager attacked him. but the prosecution and martin's family believes the screams came from the teenager. >> reporter: the screams on that 911 call are critical. the case could turn on who the jury believes the agreesor
. >>> the judge in the george zimmerman murder trial will rule today whether jurors will see trayvon martin's text messages. zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder he says was self-defense. >>> the legislation in texas easily pass add preliminary vote last night. abortions would be banned after 20 weeks with no exceptions for rape or incest. abortion providers would have to meet much stricter regulations. >>> virginia could be the next big battleground state when it comes to same-sex marriage. >> in the wake of last month's supreme court decision which dealt a major blow to the federal defense of marriage act, the virginia aclu is filing a lawsuit against the commonwealth's ban on gay marriage. peggy fox has more. >> reporter: as a virginia resident, leann doesn't have the same rights as other married people. >> that's my wife. >> reporter: she and her partner, an episcopal priest have been a couple for 15 years. they were married in 2010 but as residents of virginia, their union is not recognized by the state. she is hoping that will change if the aclu wins its lawsuit against virginia's
zimmerman trial could center around trayvon martin's toxicology report. yesterday the judge allowed that report to be entered as evidence. it says a small amount of marijuana was in martin's system at the time of his death. prosecutors said the information is prejudicial, but zimmerman's attorneys say it is relevant. zimmerman has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder in martin's death, claiming self-defense. and george zimmerman has sued nbc universal, the parent company of this station, for defamation. the company has strongly denied zimmerman's allegations. >>> today a board set up to help protect your civil liberties will hold its first public hearing on the nsa spying programs. 16 experts will testify before the privacy and civil liberties oversight board today. the independent agency's five members include an internet freedom advocate and two former bush administration lawyers. president obama has tasked the board with leading a national conversation about the secret spying programs. >>> one of the countries that has offered asylum to the leaker of those spy programs want
to play deputy dog all the time. the fooct he's calling trayvon the suspect on the phone. it is like you're not a cop! and he's not suspected of anything! >> hal: he's suspect because of what he looks like. the reason he wanted to know the stand your ground details is because it is a cya situation. he could cover his butt23 he decided to shoot one of these guys. in this case the cartoonish story he makes up about jumping out of the bushes, punching him in the nose, yelling -- he goes he's fiddling around for my gun. i think he fell for the gun. i think he was trying to get it. says you're going to die tonight. and that was why he was justified in pulling the gun and shooting him. the cartoonish fantasy that he has drafted for the cops to cover his butt in the case that you know, he needs to use this defense is the problem with this law. is the essence of the problem with this law is that now almost anybody can shoot almost anybody else and use that as justification as long as the other person is dead. >> stephanie: that's what i mean. exactly. it almost encourages you to kill them so the
shot and killed trayvon martin. zimmerman said the teen pinned him to the ground and pumpked him repeatedly. and he only fired in self-defense. >> take pieces of evidence as it exists, and it puts it together in a way that does assist the jury. >> reporter: but prosecutors -- >> this animation and the sub situation -- >> reporter: and judge nelson questioned the accuracy of the animation. judge nelson is schedule to rule on the animation and the text messages this morning. do jurors want to hear it? they're taking fewer notes. they're asking for fewer breaks, which means ty've probably already made up their minds. >> matt, thanks very much. >>> let's bring in dan abram, our chief legal affairs anchor. >> the judge is trying to get as much done as possible because there's a bunch of jurors sitting in a hotel, away from their families wanting to go home and wanting the trial to end. it's admirable that the judge is taking this late and saying we have to get this going. i think matt brings up an interesting point, about whether the jurors made up their minds. i don't think there's a
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